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3 Things to Consider Before Hiring a Virtual Assistant

Considering hiring a virtual assistant? A Virtual Assistant is essentially someone who helps you online, using tools like Skype and Facebook. Surprisingly, it’s quite a trend and a widely embraced one. Numerous employers, including well-known figures like Tim Ferris and Chris Ducker, have sung praises for working with VAs, citing increased delight and productivity. Unlike someone focusing solely on specialized tasks, a VA steps in to handle administrative duties, maximizing your time and efficiency. Ready to explore the benefits of having a virtual assistant by your side?

So is there a catch? There definitely is. Finding and hiring a virtual assistant isn’t as easy as picking out your favorite coffee in a coffee shop. However, it isn’t also as difficult as finding a needle in a haystack. According to, here are three things a person who is willing to hire a Virtual Assistant should consider beforehand.

3 Good Reasons Why Consider Hiring a Virtual Assistant

consider hiring a virtual assistant
  1. Readiness

Nobody is ever entirely ready, but oddly enough, being unprepared can bring about more disadvantages. So, the crucial question is, are you ready to take the step when hiring a virtual assistant? Virtual assistants don’t simply appear and start assisting; it’s essential to clearly communicate the tasks you expect them to handle. If you’ve already sorted that out, congratulations! You’ve overcome one hurdle. However, if you’re still uncertain about the specific services you need or desire, it’s time to invest the effort in figuring it out.

Taking the time for this clarification will prove beneficial, saving valuable resources like time, money, and effort for both you and the virtual assistant. Additionally, it acts as a safeguard against undesirable experiences down the road. Always keep in mind that clarity is paramount in this process when hiring a virtual assistant.

  1. Systemization

Recognizing that nobody is fully prepared and readiness varies, the challenge for employers of virtual assistance is to enhance the readiness of their hires. The question arises: how can you assist your virtual assistants in performing better on specific tasks and aligning with your expectations? The solution lies in the establishment of a purposeful training system. This goes beyond a mere system; it is a structured approach designed to refine the skills of your virtual assistants, ensuring their work aligns seamlessly with your preferences.

Incorporating clarity, as discussed in point #1, into this training system is essential. It not only provides a clear understanding of your expectations but also lays the groundwork for tailored training sessions. By investing time in these training sessions for your virtual assistant, you empower them with the insights and knowledge needed to excel in their responsibilities. This intentional effort not only refines their approach to tasks but also significantly reduces the likelihood of errors. Ultimately, the symbiotic relationship between hiring a virtual assistant and implementing a robust training system ensures a more harmonious collaboration, where tasks are carried out with precision, meeting your unique requirements effectively.

  1. Urgency

In the real world, not everyone is a perfect fit for the tasks assigned to them. Some individuals may even leave you questioning your decision to hire them. However, it’s crucial to acknowledge our shared humanity; mistakes are inevitable, and that’s precisely why we prepare and implement systems, right? The purpose of these systems is to improve outcomes and mitigate errors. If you strive for perfection in the entire process of hiring a virtual assistant, you might find it challenging to identify suitable candidates for the role you need to fill.

Embracing the fact that we’re all human and prone to making mistakes allows for a more realistic perspective on hiring a virtual assistant. Instead of being overly perfectionistic, consider the value of learning from mistakes and continually refining your systems. It’s this adaptability that not only fosters a more inclusive hiring process but also ensures that you find individuals who, with the right support and guidance, can contribute effectively to the tasks at hand. So, when hiring a virtual assistant, focus on creating a supportive environment that allows for growth and improvement rather than seeking perfection from the outset.

hiring a virtual assistant

A Virtual Assistant may seem like something that “Isn’t much”, but imagine this, contrast a good VA to a bad VA, how do you think your day at your job will go? Hiring a virtual assistant frees up your time so you can do more for your company or website and that is worth so much more than you might think it does. So hire a superstar VA as if he or she is the most valuable asset to your company, because the truth, they are.

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